severe depression

Yellow colors means happiness, joy and bright future, it means waiting for someone and also unrequited love.
Seems like I can’t find a place where I can see some yellow color, it seems like I’m not destinied to see it.I leave the place where I expected to be my home, where I expected that my yellow can stay longer. I always thought that I finally found my happiness that I can keep within my heart that no one can take it away from me like they did to my precious dream that I longer forgotten but still lingering in my thought. I thought that my nightmare is over when I finally found him, I thought that he loves me the way I love him, I thought we feel the same way for each other. I thought he’s happy being with me. But that’s all in my thoughts;
I really hated myself for making him suffer by staying with me; being with me, forcing himself to smile, to look at me, to kiss me is a torture for him. Mianhe, this is all i can say for my love who suffer because of my selfishness. Mianhe for making you suffer; staying with me must be very difficult for you. But now, even if it kills me I’m going to say it You are free now from your prison so-called my love for you; never look back and be happy.
Maybe you are angry with me because you did even say goodbye but I’m still waiting hoping that someday you like look back not because you finally realize you love me but you realize that you have to say goodbye at least once so I won’t be waiting here in the same spot where you left me.
Goodbyes hurt most when people leave without saying them

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Hidayah said...

dik, kdg2 kite terlalu dambakan sesuatu smpai x nmpk yg lain. kite rasa tu yg terbaik dan segalanya. Tp tau x, Allah tu maha mengetahui apa yg terbaik buat hambanya?sabarlah. u were still too young. be a better muslimah, n i believe Allah will grant u on something better too. times heal. =)