Review : Somewhere Only We Know *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*

On 14th February, I had a chance to spend my Valentine day with Wu Yifan (literally) with watching his debut movie, Somewhere Only We Know at Mid Valley organized by KrisWYFMalaysia. 

Lets start with the promotional poster at Mid Valley, the production team used the poster shown above. I feel like it is very shady because we all know they released almost a million kind of posters. I may sound exaggerating but what if I see this poster in cinema and I don't know Wu Yifan or the backstory of this movie that I already knew since June(?), I might think this movie is some weird movie with one man act, no love story nothing. It clearly shows how the director actually used Yifan's popularity in gaining sales. 

I was being a very skeptical fan before I watch this movie. To be very honest, I don't have much hope with Wu Yifan's acting skill just because. Surprisingly, his acting in this movie is quite bearable for me to watch and not to cringe throughout the 109 minutes. In my opinions, it is because his character, Ze Yang in this movie is not much different with himself outside the movie and real life.

Somewhere Only We Know or SWOWK starts with Jin Tian's narration that I found really annoying. Issues aside but her narration makes me feel depressed somehow. I know she wants to portray the character as a heartbroken woman who ran to Prague after being left by her fiance on her wedding day but I found the narration is unnecessary at all. There is no element of surprise after she told everything in her narration. 

Jin Tian had a bucket list for her to complete for the sake of mending her own broken heart. It includes having a one night stand with a stranger. Here the plot is becoming really shady with no moral at all. I know depicting moral value from stories is subjective because it different for each person as everyone have different way of interpretation. With being rated as PG-13, I found that it is weird with promoting free sex like this. Call me conservative, but when Ze Yang took a stranger to his home when he has a daughter and a mother living together, I start to question his bad parenting skills. I know being a single father is not easy especially when you have an unstable mom but you already have a history of one night stand, even making you a young father and having a kid like this. Don't you learn your lesson well, Ze Yang? I hope your wear protection too. 

Since I follow the development of this movie and all her pre-promotion period, I know XJL keep talking about "anticipating the bed scene from Yifan and WLK". So, as a huge fan of Yifan (maybe already used to be), I really can't wait to see this because  who doesn't want to see their own fav having racy and suggestive scene? All the anticipation only to be died down because I didn't see any. I was expecting something like 5 Senses of Ero but I just didn't see any. I was being positive with maybe my country cut the scene out so it can be shown to the kids but no. Even a person from US there is no bed scene that we all thought and imagined will be in. 

What made me getting confused is wasn't this movie about Zeyang and Jin Tian's love story (which was being developed in hurry where it doesn't have climax at all) yet half the movie is all about Chen Lanxin and Josef Novak's story from 1940s. another shady point that XJL kept the fans off and only been revealed during the movie. I could depict that somewhere only we know phrase is all about the monument where Lanxin and Novak made their promise there to meet after being separated. 

Now lets talk about how this so called great epic love story is gaining another point of shadiness from me is how Josef Novak is a married man and this Lanxin still buckles down to seduce him. I found it is endearing and stupid. How could a woman having heart to still carrying on her plan to get a man who actually married. It is so obvious that Novak still loves his wife and his daughter as he still put their picture on his table yet why Lanxin still insist to have him? Even after she knows that his wife is still alive, they still sleep together? I can't tolerate with adultery no matter how epic your love story is. 

Honestly, this movie has so much plot holes that make you go WTF after finishing it. For example, how long does it take for Zeyang and Jin Tian to fall in love and kissed? A week or maybe less? This is not Romeo and Juliet where the whole story happened in 5 days and logically, do you fall in love completely with a stranger in a short period of time? There are so much things running in my mind while watching and after I went out from the cinema hall. Why did his daughter, Ni Ni never opposed on Jin Tian's sudden appearance in her and her father's life like how any normal kid with single parent?

SWOWK is clearly a movie that actually focus on WLK and XJL and Wu Yifan is just a pretty monument that decorate the plot so that the movie can sells. Everything is just awkward in their unique way and until now, I couldn't find any chemistry between Zeyang and Jin Tian. 

Out of 5, I could only 1.5 stars to this movie. 
  • half star, for Zhang Chao and Re Yizha's chemistry in this story. I hope there is any reliable production team that will cast them to act together with a better plot and story
  • another half is for Yifan's driving. 
  • another half is because Yifan's wearing watch. 

kalau suka, apa tunggu lagi? tekan lah butang LIKE ni.

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